Which receiver would you pick up? - Dynasty

Rookie Damion Ratley
Rookie Tre’Quan Smith
Cameron Meredith

With Ginn going on the IR, I’m intrigued with one of the Saints receivers, but Damion looked really good last week bringing in 6 of his 8 targets.

I’m dropping Robbie Gould for one of them so no worries on that.

Thanks all!

I lean TreQuon, he seems to align more with Ted Ginn’s deep threat burner role. I may be wrong, that’s just what I have observed. I would check out the reception perception for Trequon and Cameron Meredith or something to see which one may benefit more from that injury.

And am I crazy or is Damion Ratley on the Browns haha

Haha yes he’s on the Browns but he’s the only one that’s stepped up recently between Jarvis him and Callaway. Still intriguing… but ya I was leaning Tre’Quan too. Could have built a little rapport with Brees after he caught that record setting pass for him lol.

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Very very true haha. As for Ratley I don’t know too much about him as a player. I see Ratley having an opportunity to become the 3rd option for the Browns, and Trequon having the opportunity to be the third option on the Saints. I’d take the Saints regardless of Brees retiring soon, because Sean Peyton is a beast and Bridgewater is waiting in the wings.

I’d have to do some more research on this to give you better advice though, this is just my hunch basically haha. Who knows Ratley could be legit

I think I’ll be grab Tre’Quan right now and then I can drop my 2nd qb after Rodgers comes back from his BYE and grab Ratley then. We shall see!

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Sounds good my dude! Good luck

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Thanks for the input!

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