Which rookie QB?

In a 3 player keeper league. Who would you rather take the shot on at the end of the draft. Lawrence. Fields or Lance. I know Lawrence is already a starter but once all 3 are there who is the better fantasy option for this year and the next few if kept.

Unless it’s a 24 team league, none of them.

We know Lawrence is starting, but he looks more like Geno Smith at this point than Peyton Manning.

Lance played ONE season of college football–two years ago–and averaged 178 passing yards per game against FCS competition. He’s made a few highlight throws in preseason, but he is in no way ready to start an NFL football game–especially not one with playoff aspirations–and I’d be amazed if he starts this year.

And when a college QB factory with a rich tradition of fine NFL QBs like Ohio State graduates a prospect to an NFL team with the rich tradition of drafting fine college QBs like the Bears, well, what’s not to like?

It’s only a 3 player keeper league anyway, so you’re never keeping a QB–unless all of your skill players stink to high heaven as well.

If you must have a rookie QB, Zach Wilson looks like the best of the class so far.