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Which Rookie RBs are you Taking?

12 Team SF: I own, 2020 1.2,1.7,1.10

QB: Wentz, Winston, Darnold, Stidham
RB: Ekeler, White, Boston Scott, Justin Jackson, handcuffs
WR: Juju, kupp, allen, DJM, Mecole, Djax
TE: Henry, Waller, Jonnu, I. Thomas

Who are you taking with those picks? Tua and 2RBs or just the top 3 RB available?

It’s so early. I would not be locking myself into specific players.

Rather I’d be looking at superflex ADP and evaluating the tiers. DLF is a great resource for ADP. They collect monthly from the user base. It’s also reference. Meaning you can see what ADP was last month or 2 years ago - assuming the player was in the NFL at the time. Please note that some of the data is behind a paywall.

IMO this is the best resource for dynasty. Also happens to be one of the cheapest.

Yeah gotta agree, still a little early to be locking yourself into certain players, I’ve been waiting for the draft to see where guys land. Give you a better idea of the opportunity they may get, and what kind of coaching scheme they could be in for, nothing worse than taking someone you truly believe in and them ending up as the third man on the totem pole or in a scheme run by Adam Gase……