Which running back ROS?

Half point ppr league. Josh Jacobs or Dalvin Cook ROS?

Cook. Hands down. But if you roster Cook, you need to roster Mattison too.

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I agree with @Branhammer.

As high as I was on Jacobs coming into the season, unfortunately he is more of a play the matchup right now.

I fully believe it is a team issue rather than a Jacobs issue though.

Yep. The Las Vegas Raiders are doing their very best Oakland Raiders impression.

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That’s the way I was leaning, but I’m in the process of trying to acquire Cook which I will get done. That leaves me with Cook and Melvin Gordon as my main backs. That would leave Mattison as my only backup. Thoughts?

Trade Melvin Gordon. Like…now. Because Lindsey is coming back soon. Sell high. Try to get a RB2 with no one else on the roster to threaten him. David Johnson might be a great target. I bet you could trade Gordon for DJ straight up right now. Also, see if you can maybe by low on Kenyan Drake.

That’s kinda my thought process as well. I love Melvin, but I think once Lindsey is back it’ll probably be more of a 50/50 backfield.

Yep, and I definitely think DJ is a perfect target. Good matchup this week, the talent is still there, the idiot HC just got fired, and his owner is probably not happy that he’s “only” been putting up low-end RB2 numbers. And maybe he’ll only put up those kind of numbers all year, but I expect nothing better than low-end flex numbers out of Gordon sooner than later.