Which scenario is best? Need some help! - NON PPR

My current keepers are Adam Thielen (10th round) and Kenyan Drake (14th) round and currently am drafting at the 1.06.

The top 10 players available after taking away keepers are (in order of ADP)

Lev Bell
Antonio Brown
Saquon Barkley
Julio Jones
Kareem hunt
Melvin Gordon
Keenan Allen
Davante Adams

The trade proposed to me is:

I give: My 1.06 and Kenyan Drake (14th round keeper)
I get: The 1.09 and Devonta Freeman (6th round keeper)

So basically I am moving back three spots, getting the more talented RB, but not for as much of a value. I would probably go best available at the 1.09 which would probably be Keenan or Adames (would love Melvin which is who I would target at 1.06).



Give: Drake and let’s say Julio
Get: Freeman and Adams worst case scenario

I’ll take the ‘Get’ side of that. Just for negotiating sides, see if you can get a 6th round pick or move up in the 8th round too. I’d do it either way though.

I have to agree, I think I like “Get” more. you also have to take into account the Falcons offense is way better and try to snatch Coleman if you can.