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Which side do you want? Dynasty trade


12 team dynasty PPR.

Golladay, Dede Westbrook, 2019 1st round
Sony Michel and 2019 3rd round


The 2019 first makes it close, but I’ll take Michel.


this is an interesting one for me. DFWB knows my dislike for michels situation, but i think i go that route too. golladay has potential to be great, but you gotta wait for that fruit to ripen behind tate and jones. westbrook is burried on a roster of guys just like him. the good knews is that lee is awful and he could take that spot. but with chark and moncreif in front of him, he might be another wait and see guy. thats 1st is what makes it interesting. but i would rather have my chess piece that i can use situationally, than to have 2 guys that could be good down the road.


Do you have roster needs? This seems situational to me. I am with @BusterD on Michel. I know the guy will produce, but which week? When do you bench him when do you play him? How hard will you kick yourself if you guess wrong? We also have no guarantees Michel is a long term Patriot, or that he will get carries when he is.

On the other hand…same argument, just replace Michel with Dede or Kenny.


haha you will find as i have found, not many people beleive as we do on michel in that situation. while you have been away, i have had many discussions on that exact subject lol.


That’s an understatement. Lol. Most of them have been with me.


lol i almost just tagged you in another post about a guy looking at the 1.02. cause i knew you would be the voice of michel over penny and guice. at least the main one lol.


To be clear, I would not take Michel over Guice. Never would have. Guice has been my clear RB2 from the beginning, though I do think it’s close in PPR. Penny is my 4, but I think it’s a pretty big drop from 3 to 4, and I wouldn’t argue to much if someone wanted to take the next few guys over him.


Thanks for the feedback all. Just to give some context, its a 12 team ppr dynasty with 3 WRs, 2 flex, and a super flex. It’s also a Devy league so draft classes are depleted by about 12 players per year.

I ended up making the trade for Michel. I’m stacked at WR with Davante Adams, AJ Green and Michael Thomas, not to mention Michael Gallup and Donte Pettis. I’m weak at RB with Freeman being my only solid guy and a bunch of question marks like Foreman and future hopefuls.

Definitely appreciate the feedback