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Which side do you want in this trade?


Melvin Gordon and Devante Parker for Julio Jones.


Format and # of teams please


Sorry, 10 team standard. I’d still have Hunt, Cook, MCaffery and Martin at RB.


I would do it - the combo of your 3 RB’s (Hunt, Cook & McCaff/Martin) and Julio is tough to beat. Not sure who your other WR’s are but they are not better than Julio Jones. Do it


That’s so tough but I feel like you should stay with Melly G, especially if you can run 3 RB’s each week


It’s a different kind of league layout. We start 3 WRs and 2 Rbs with a super flex. So basically I’m only starting 2 RB’s a week. My other WR’s are Odell, Michael Thomas, Martavis, and Keenan Allen.