Which side gets better value?

Mike evans for mark ingram & calvin ridley

Ingram and Ridley get the better end of this one I think

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Normally i would agree, i have ridley and ingram and im trying to get moke evans… ridley was my last pick in the draft and ingram i got off of waivers 2 weeks ago… so it will cost virtually nothing to get evans. Does that change things?

What’s the rest of the rosters look like though??

Full PPR ??

Current roster full PPR
WR: T.Y Hilton, julian edelman, doug baldwin, calvin and qunicy enunwa
RB: Melvin Gordon, christian mccaffrey, matt breida, mark ingram and Royce freeman

Give me Mike Evans side of this deal personally.

I think we’ve seen the best of ridley. Maybe one more blow up week this matchup vs TB but Evans is locked into that WR1 role. Especially if you can afford giving up depth at RB to upgrade WR, I think you win this deal.


Yea its a 12 team full ppr, 3 WR spots

Yeah Evans seems like the better deal to me also

Ok sweet, i like the re assurance cuz i wanna make sure i do fair trades but i dont wanna over pay. I always feel like i am overpaying…

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I traded away Gronk and Boyd, picked up Boyd week 2 and traded them away for Zeke and Njoku! I say i did alright

What do you think though?

I like the side you got. Gronk has tremendous name value and zeke is one of the few guys that are tru number 1s… who was your first draft pick?