Which side of the trade do you like better?

Lev Bell + Adam Thielen


David Johnson + Michael Thomas

I’m pretty thin at RB. My starters are Marshawn and Lindsay to give you an idea.

I take the DJ Thomas side. Upgrade at both positions. Can’t count on bell returning. Easier said than done but I think it’s the right move

DJ & Mike Thomas. Bell has no value right now and you’re thin at RB

How about Dj for Bell and Ingram ? Asking for a friend.

I mean odell and ingram

Going with the others on this. DJ and Thomas. I’ve got Bell and would hit accept immediately if I was offered that.

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I like the Odell and Ingram side if all you have to give up is DJ.

How about if you were the owners of DJ and MT? Would you still take it?

I have Thomas as well lol as well lol. Baldwin on the bench bench

such a tough one.

If I was 2-0 and had decent depth at RB then I probably would b/c the upside of Bell coming back in Playoffs and being his old self is almost too good to pass up. If I’m 0-2 then no b/c I need as many points as possible now.

I’m 1-1 but I’m probably in the bottom quarter of the league in scoring.

I think you might have meant to write the other way… keep bell if I’m doing ok, but do the trade if I’m losing and need the points now.

I hope that’s what you meant, because I’m leaning that way.

DJ and Thomas

Yes that’s what I meant.