Which side of the trade would u take?

10 team 0.5ppr dynasty league superflex league
Current Roster
QB- Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, Josh Allen, Matthew Stafford
RB- Damien Williams, Chris Carson, Kenyan Drake, Royce Freeman, Jerrick McKinnon, Ryquell Armstead, Jamaal Williams, Adrian Peterson
WR- Deandre Hopkins, Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, Mecole Hardman, Dante Pettis, Deebo Samuel, Robby Anderson, Tyrell Williams
TE- Evan Engram, Austin Hooper

Would u trade Hopkins, Engram and 1 rb, most likely Damien Williams for David Johnson and Juju Smith-Schuster?

That sounds like a good deal, looking at your roster I think I would do that. Maybe see if you can get a draft pick out of it as well

I think its a good trade, it reinforces the rb position.

I’m torn on this one. It comes down to what you believe about Damien Williams. Do you think he’s the long term RB1 in KC or not?

Downgrading from Engram to Hooper at TE is a pretty big price to pay for me.

I think Juju is a slight downgrade from Hopkins and DJ is a slight upgrade from Williams for THIS year. So this year I’d say it’s a loss for you based on the downgrade at TE as well.

But going forward if Williams isn’t the guy in KC, then the odds flip in your favor.

Damien Williams is not the long term answer in KC.

Hopkins and Juju are essentially a push, the question becomes is the gap between DJ and D Williams bigger than the value of Engram. It’s a fair trade, but I’d gladly take DJ and see how that ‘high octane’ Cards attack looks…could be a league-winning decision. I’ll usually favor the trade where you get less quantity, higher quality.

We already saw KC release one of the best rbs in the league…granted, it was off-the-field issues, but it shows you KC sees any rb as expendable. Williams looks good on paper only because he’s on the Chiefs, not because we believe he’s talented. DJ is a 1st round talent hands-down.

I would do this if I were you. Seems like a solid return and helps solidify your mediocre RB position without giving up too much @ WR. Losing Engram sucks obviously, but could you find a suitable replacement on the waiver wire or is it pretty barren?