Which side of this trade would you rather have?

Keep in mind this is a rather custom scoring league, closer to standard scoring but big bonuses for long play touchdowns. QBs basically only get points for touchdowns or 300 yards. It’s also a 14 team league.

Would you trade juju and Keenum
Jarvis, mayfield, and donta foreman

My current team:

QB: dalton and Keenum
RB: cmc, Thompson, Kerryon, Drake, Powell
WR: Keenan, juju, Robert Woods, Dede westbrook, Robby Anderson, cam Meredith

ANyone? Anyone?

id do it in your scoring if you are playing two QBs. Juju and Jarvis both line up in slot. Foreman could be decent but coming off achilles injury. Mayfield >Keenum so take it if its a 2 QB league

1 qb league. It’s just that we have deep benches, 9 spots. And 14 teams and everyone in this league likes to hold at least 2 qbs

Given what your scoring is… I prefer JuJu to Landry. JuJu has a chance to break em, Landry not so much. If I have this team, only way I deal JuJu is to improve my #2 RB. That’s where I’d focus.