Which side of Trade would you like?

Side 1: Melvin Gordon and the second overall rookie pick (Darrius Guise)
Side 2: Marlon Mack, Will Fuller, Devonta Booker, Aaron Jones, Alex Collins, and the 6th overall draft pick

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im taking side 1. better players that i have more faith in, and there are the added players off of waivers that you can grab since you will free up space. so you still get 4 more potential players. the only reason i even kind of hesitate is because if fuller, mack, jones, and collins all hit their full potential, jesus thats a lot lost. but not all of them will hit their potential.

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Side 1 by far. Side 2 has a bunch of question marks

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Side 1. Don’t believe in Mack, Booker or Fuller personally. So if I’m looking at that I don’t even have a desire to trade for those 3. Plus Gordon is just a beast. This is an nba style trade for a rebuilding roster. And the team that gets the superstar usually wins.

I’m going Side 1, I tried to think of a compelling argument for side 2 just to play devils advocate, but there’s just not enough value there to account for Gordon and Guice’s combined ceiling (assuming someone doesn’t pull some funny business and take him over Barkley in your rookie draft).

Side 1, no questions.

So what if side 1 is rebuilding and there only other Rbs of significance are Devonte Freeman and Kareem Hunt. This is a dynasty league.

We weren’t provided any further details, so given what I had, I’d still say Gordon + Guice is a far better return than option 2.

If you’re really hard up for backs, then Option 2 is viable, although you know you’re taking a step back long term at the top of your roster.

I mean if those guys are available I still say side 1. In a dynasty league I just don’t see value in Mack or booker as backs. Also I do like Collins a lot I just don’t think he is the athlete that the other 3 are. Fuller V could be one of the most difficult receivers to predict. This is based off the knowledge I have of your team and decisions. Like how many keepers is this dynasty league? Is this just a rookie draft?

Keep gronk he’s the best at his position plus you have two great running backs already.

I missed something? I didn’t see a mention of Gronkowski.

Also, if I read that right and side one has Hunt and freeman I’m even more inclined to stick with side 1. That is a fantastic trio that in my opinion doesn’t need to be messed with. Hunt, Gordon and freeman all have top 5 potential and I don’t think anyone could be surprised if they’re all in the top 5 at the end of the year. The other side just has too many questions.

I think his concern surrounds the league format; if I understand correctly, there’s a rookie draft and free agents but there’s no redraft system. So you draft your rookies and fill your roster that way. So, as he’s short on backs, he’s considering trading his horses for pony’s just to fill the stables so to speak.

I personally think like you do… keep the horses, take shots at later round rookies like Jordan Wilkins, and scour the waivers for guys like Jeremy Hill or CJ Prosise as they’re unlikely rostered but could begin producing.

I’d rather manuever around Gordon/Hunt/Guice than hope I can cobble together a few RB1 weeks by guesswork and finger crossing.