Which side of trade you want?

Two different trades. In a vacuum. Standard dynasty league.

Aaron Jones for Davante Adams?

Joe Mixon for 9th overall pick?

I’d take Adams right now as he’s set to be the guy in GB, they drafted Dillon so always a chance he overtakes Jones.

Think i’d stick with Mixon instead of the 9th pick. I think by the 9th there’s no startable RB’s left so you’re looking at like a Justin Jefferson or Ruggs depending on your league, and while there is plenty of hype they are largely unknown/could be a bust. Mixon is a sure thing on a potentially revitalized offense with Burrows and that other receiver they got. If they can spread the ball around that should open up the run game even more.

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I wants Adams and Mixon.

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Take the Adams and Mixon side of both of those

Echoing answers: Adams is a locked-in top WR for the foreseeable future whereas Jones has one top finish largely built on TDs, not to mention he’s also in the final year of his deal with Dillon now challenging for touches.

Mixon. Even if you’re not a fan of Mixon he’s worth more than the 1.09, I’d be seeking a top 5 pick for him

Adams over Jones IMO. If you’re really WR-heavy & RB-thin, I could maybe see Adams for Jones + some pieces. But generally, Adams.

Mixon is WAY better than the 1.09 rookie pick. I’d put him at 1.03 at the lowest in 1QB, & that’s if you’re a Taylor believer & a Mixon skeptic.