Which side trade with Gurley do you want?

Which side of the trade do you want if you knew nothing else about the 2 teams in the trade.

K. Allen pick 2.04, and 4.04
T. Gurley and K. Hunt

0.5 PPR, 10 teamer, start 2Rb, 3Wr and 1 Flex.

Oouu that’s a good one.

Now if this were the start of last season I would have said Allen and the picks hands down, had no faith in the Gurley work load and Hunt’s suspension made him and easy after thought. This upcoming season though I wanna lean the side of Gurley/Hunt. Gurley in a new offense that’s known to utilize 2 backs mitigating the worry of his alleged knee issues and history shows the lead back in Atlanta is the go to guy on the goal line. Hunts clear role as the pass catching back makes him a solid flex option.

Allen’s going to have either an untested QB throwing to him, or Tyrod Taylor who’s last few outtings as ‘the guy’ hasn’t been exactly beneficial for WR. His legs have always been his upside.

So gotta go Gurley/Hunt, but I have been known to be wrong. Just sayin.

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Man that’s a definitely a tough one. I’d rather be on the Gurley side depending on your roster depth at WR position. Or drop K hunt and getting a better pick and shoot for a WR in rookie draft