Which side you got?

.5 PPR, 2 QB (not superflex), 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 Def, 16 bench - Dynasty… Which side would you rather have???

(A) Receive - Zeke

(B) Receive - Alex Collins, DJ Moore and Josh Rosen

would much rather have Zeke. only reason i wouldnt, is if im stacked at RB and need WRs and QBs. but even then i can find QBs in waivers, and moore isnt worth zeke.

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I’m going to play devil’s advocate and make an argument for B.

I think it’s a very interesting trade. and frankly, falls to your personal believe in Rosen. The ceiling for Collins would be a stream-able Tier 2 RB and frankly depends on how the clay that is the Ravens backfield is molded. Is Dixon all that he his hyped up to be? DJ Moore is going to be great - very little debatable material there. And in a 2QB dynasty league (as I am in), two good QB’s are difficult to find and certainly are not cheap once proven.
Zeke is a monster RB now but shelf life is shorter than your WR’s and QB’s. Thus I agree with BusterD, depends on your team situation. However, you have the potential for snagging two elite players that could still pay dividends 3+ seasons downstream.

Zeke easily.

Ok well I got Zeke and paired him nicely width Gurley for my 2 rbs

Here is my roster now-
Qb- Rodgers, Carr, Bradford, McGown
RB- Gurley, Elliot, Hyde, Ingram, C Thompson, Burkhead, Kelly, adams
WR- Robinson, Baldwin, Lee, Matthews, Shepherd, Calloway, Godwin, Amendola
TE- Kelce and Clay

So it did hurt my QB depth but overall it was worth it. I think I’ll have the ability to upgrade my QBs with some of the depth I have.


That trade is highway robbery. Congrats to the Zeke owner now.

This is the off season. ALL trades in the dynasty off season are value based as you are not setting a lineup. The value of Zeke far out seeds the other players.

Funny thing was, the other owner came to me asking if i was interested in Zeke. I, of course, was and asked what it would take. That was the 1st package he asked for. All i had to do was say yes… no negotiations needed.


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Exactly… the only reason it took me longer then 30 seconds to say yes was i had to check and see if Zeke got suspended again HA!

Zeke all day. No need to over think or hope someone works out. Zekes don’t just fall off trees so u would need a big package. To be very honest I traded zeke in my keeper league for what I thought was a great deal but damn I miss him. I got Winston, Melvin Gordon and Allen Robinson and I still wish I had zeke. If ur considering trading zeke go get what u want not what people offer