Which TE do I start tonight?

So I have Engram and Hooper tonight, going in with about a ten point lead on my opponent who has Julio.
I’m a little nervous about Engram being his first game back and I picked up Hooper to cover for him a few weeks ago and held him for this exact reason.

Who do you think is the safer play? julio is one of those guys that can go off so I might even be looking for a touchdown to be comfortable.

Yeah but julio doesn’t score TD’s. Hooper does. I;m playing Hooper over Engram in mine but i already won.


Agree… but even though Julio doesnt score TD, his yardage, carries and receptions make up for it. I would start Hooper as well, as I am not too confident with the Giants offense. Also, Shepperd is back and I am not sure how effective Engram will be.

Engram helps that offense a ton. Rhett is a good TE, but generally a better blocker that can catch if he needs to.