Which TE? Heading into DESPERATE times here

Dropping Doyle. I’ve had it with him!!! Just went 2-4 on 10-team PPR, and it’s getting towards the NOW OR NEVER point of things. :confounded:

Got Jared Cook, but he’s on BYE this week.

On WW is O.J. Howard, RSJ, Uzomah and a few others that scored big this past week, but haven’t done much all season and aren’t projected to do much this week either.

Going with O.J. Howard, but if someone else gets him first (I’m 3rd in WW order this week), who would y’all list as 2nd and 3rd priority claim??

if you cant get howard, i would go for uzomah

Thanks @d3nali85. What I was leaning with as well. LOL…just realized McDonald is on BYE this week as well…so fixin’ to edit that out of my OP.

But yeah…again…thanks my friend. Always helps to have second, third, fourth and 25th opinions. :grin: