Which TE is the better trade?

Delanie Walker
TJ Hockenson
Hunter Henry

I am working out a trade for 1 of these guys in half PPR offering the same pieces… which would you rather have ROS?

Darren Waller is also a free agent… should I just grab him instead?

I would just grab Waller

I would grab Waller and use him as trade bait…run with Hock ROS…i tried to pick up Hock this week but wasn’t able to. I’m starting Waller every week.

Well it is Half PPR though and I think Waller is better suited for FULL PPR. I would prefer Hockenson maybe but I don’t want to give up too much for him if Waller is Free

This week especially, Hockenson will probably too expensive to trade for. Walker might be too. I would just grab Waller. He looks like he could have season long value

What I’m trying to do right now is trade Ertz away to upgrade at RB (targeting Chubb or Jacobs) and then replace him with one of these TE

So I’m trying to get someone that could put up good TE numbers if I’m parting with Ertz