Which TE Should I Move Forward With?

I have Evan Engram and Austin Hooper as my TE’s. I need to make space for a QB this week (Dak is on BYE), so I need to bring in a backup QB. I might keep said backup, and just use one TE for the rest of the season. What do you guys think? This is in an eight man, standard league. Roster below

QB: Dak
RB’s: McCaffrey, Carson, Ekeler, Nick Chubb, Singletary
WR’s: Julio, Amari Cooper, Tyreek Hill, Robert Woods, Kupp
TE: Evan Engram, Austin Hooper
K: Butker

Why not drop Singletary? This is an 8-man league and he’s not making your starting line-up. You could even drop Robert Woods and go week to week if needed (which you don’t because you have a good stable).

I would hold those TE and see if someone comes for a trade. Play keep away from the rest of your league.

@jrfearr I was planning on picking up Marvin Jones for trade bait (waiver wire), but I was thinking about just picking up a QB and getting rid of singletary. Either way I would get rid of him. I could use Woods as trade bait as well, if that seems good