Which TE should I pick-up to block my opponent?

My opponent lost Brown & Hunter Henry (and maybe Davante Adams). He doesn’t have a back-up TE. Who should I pick-up to potentially block this guy?


Julius Thomas is the most promising of all those players

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Gates…without Henry he will get some work

I’ll pick up a few ! Think with this being my last week I can drop Saints D/ST, Abdullah, and maybe even Woodhead and pick up Thomas, Gates, and maybe Jesse James. @cggerling @wprice5

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sounds like a good plan, this late in the season, you dont necessarily need a bunch of players on your bench

Heads up! If you didn’t hear, Julius Thomas was placed on IR

Yes, I saw that. I took James and Gates. Then Thomas (and someone else) went on IR. He picked up Seals Jones… So he will probably get 50 pts