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Which TE should i start week 2?


Engram or Clay??


Clay had 9 targets and 3 end zone targets. I say go with Clay until a receiver steps up in Buffalo.


That’s funny because the ballers were just talking about that today on the show. I think they all went Clay. As would I.


Nice that means I’m looking up the right stats.


Clay. He’ll have more targets.


Was in a quandrum over Austin Hooper or Clay myself. Went with Hooper. Just had a feeling. BUT…REALLY REALLY re-thinking this. Buff REALLY needs something to bust out. Just got a stinking feelin about Clay. Almost talked myself into going and grabbing him myself while he’s still available!!!


I have a Hooper/Rudolph debate right now. I’m going Hooper. How could Matty Ice not keep the momentum going after Hooper coming up with those big plays? He’s obviously a guy that you want to see with the ball in his hands.


I know…Buff has Shady…BUT…IDK…just really nervous about Shady this year. (AND HE’S MY STAR). Still…you have to look ahead and realize your gift horse is gonna start to “STUMBLE” at some point!!! Just can’t help but have a “feeling” about Clay at some point this season!!!


WOW…I have Rudolph and just picked up Hooper for back-up. (Dropped Ebron) Got Rudolph starting.


The Packers secondary is pretty weak I think Matty Ice challenges the DBs and throws a ton towards his receivers. Austin Hooper only received 7% of the targets.


Nice combo! For some reason there is always a small part of me that can’t stop worrying about not have Ebron if he ever ends up blowing up. He’s on a bench of mine. So much potential…


I hope you’re right conan_russell. Been watching Hooper for a while. Came close between him and Clay. BUT…the guys been hot on Hooper. Soooo…


Well, we shall find out together. I know it’s very early and we have a relatively small sample size but his plays are Gronk-esq man. Big, strong, good hands… And that freaking stiff arm! How could they not want to get him the ball. I think he’s sneaky with Freeman, Coleman and Julio all distracting defenses.


I know lance_caporossi. Might come back to bite me big time before the season is over. But…IDK…just got a feeling about Hooper. Only TE I have a bigger feeling about is Clay!!!


Trust your gut man. I have Hooper and Reed. I’m going Reed because despite his toe he received 8 targets. I just think Matty Ice challenges the secondary with Julio and Taylor Gabriel.