Which TE to keep rest of season

Would you rather have Jimmy Graham or Evan Engram rest of season? Someone is offering Tevin Coleman for either. Is that a good deal? If so, who would you rather keep?
My QB is Russell, if that makes a difference.


Coleman is a good player but for fantasy I would not trade him for either of those TEs. I’d be going for someone a lot higher that’s Coleman. And you can get a higher end guy since the TE position is lookin pretty slim with all the injuries.

Totally agree. Probably why I felt crunchy about it. Something in my gut.

What about this trade he offered:

My Engram + Darkwa + Sanders
for his
D Martin + Butker

My other WR are Amari, Baldwin, Evans, Doctson, and Shepard. My RB are Demarco, Miller, and Kamara.

That’s a decent deal there. I like Martin and his schedule looks good coming up. Be mindful of the kickers bye week too. I would do that trade!! Good luck.

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