Which TE to Keep

12 team, 1/2 PPR. I started the season drafting Evan Engram as a primary TE. Someone offered me a ridiculous deal so I took it and acquired George Kittle. Then on a bad waiver week I picked up an injured Hunter Henry. Who should I keep and who should I trade?

I’d keep kittle. Known commodity, #1 target in the offense, and his schedule is Pie.

I would keep Kittle - been consistent and the rest of his schedule sets up fairly nice with Arizona twice and Seattle. Also, week 15 & 16 (playoffs and championship), he has Atlanta and Rams (who he had 103 yards against earlier this year).

Henry is coming off of 2 big weeks so I would think you should be able to trade him pretty easily

So you’d trade hneryband keep engram?

I am all about value. If I can get a haul for kittle then I’m fine with the other guys. If all I can get is a WR3 for Henry; I’m holding him. That’s how I’d approach this situation, don’t plan to hold any specific guy.

I personally like kittle, Henry then engram but obviously engram and Henry can be switched.