Which TE to pick up

I have Graham, should I pick up Hunter Henry or Doyle? I tried to get Witten on waivers, but someone else got him.

I’d go Henry

Doyle is the best TE option on his team. Can you say that for Henry? As long as Gates is healthy, he’ll limit Henry’s ceiling. I think Doyle only gets better as the season goes on. Whoever starts for the Colts will need a safety valve, and he’s one of Luck’s favorite targets anyway.

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Gates got his TD… I would go Henry… Anything colts scares me right now

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I’ll vote Doyle…8 targets last week. Brissette likes him and you know Luck does. Can’t trust Hunry with Gates on the team.

Hmm I think either will be awesome, but Doyle vs the browns is juicy