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Which te today?


Full ppr streaming a te…Hooper, Swaim, ASJ or Hurst?


Mark my words, ASJ will score a TD but thats it, hurst might catch 2 or 3 cuz of their depth, swaim is a shot in the dark with prescott, although they might throw the ball a lot and terrance williams is out… and finally hooper is in a high projected, high volume offense in a must win game… gimmie the falcons players


I’m streaming Hooper this week. All of these guys are risky plays- but with such a high projected point total in the Falcons game- I’m rolling the dice that Hooper gets a small chunk of it.


I get it if you want to stash Hurst if you have the space, but if you’re just streaming for week 5 Hooper’s the move. He’s in the only trustworthy offense among those you’re considering


Im streaming Swaim, had no other choice haha


I like it I’m leaning his way as well I think he’s the safest floor