Which team comes out better from the trade

Team A trades Gurley
Team B trades D. Freeman, Lynch, Morris

Full PPR

Team A would be crazy to give up Gurley. Freeman is ok, but Lynch is on a so-so team and Morris may not even be the starter past week 1.

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gurley is worth almost double freeman and lynch… I left Morris out cause he does not affect this

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Not enough for Gurley. Plus who would the drops be on Team A?

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I know this is a little off topic but is there a way to access that info on players value points?

take it with a grain of salt.

but it’s a start

click in the cell and start typing name.


these are based around dynasty … FYI meaning someone like Tom Brady is going to have a bad score. Old

Dont worry I take every thing fantasy related with a grain of salt, I just like looking at analytics and 3rd party opinions. Thanks for the websites