Which team got better from this trade?

The league is a 2QB 1ppr Dynasty with 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 Super Flex

Team A received:
Dalvin Cook
Stefon Diggs
Christian Kirk
Zach Ertz

Team B received:
Derrius Guice
AJ Green
Amari Cooper
Jimmy Graham

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its kinda close on a year to year basis. but with it being dynasty i gotta give the nod to team A. pretty heavily. the only thing that sucks is giving up green.

cook over guice
green over diggs - long term diggs over green
kirk over cooper - i was never a believer in cooper, and i am a believer in kirk
ertz over graham


I agree with @BusterD. Short-term, they are both close , but long-term, I prefer Team A by a large margin.

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I third the opinions

These are not popular opinions…but, Team B for me.

Dalvin Cook < Derrius Guice
Stefon Diggs < AJ Green
Christian Kirk < Amari Cooper
Zach Ertz > Jimmy Graham

I think Cook is talented, but injury risk factors in. Guice is 2 years younger.

I’d take Green over Diggs in dynasty. 2-3 year window. Green is an elite WR. Win some Champs, champ.

This year, no way Kirk even sniffs half the points Cooper will score. Even if Cooper is a WR3.

With this trade, I’ll take Graham’s upside over Ertz.

oh i will 100% take a bet on kirk VS cooper. and thats straight up, not even talkin half of coopers points. who is going to fight kirk for targets besides fitz? DJ? thats it. that still leaves an entire roll for him to fill. he has a decent glass jaw QB, and josh rosen to throw to him. he has larry fitz to learn from. he runs routes like a champ and has hands. what does cooper have? he is an athletic freak, but after that he is soft on routes against those with good technique, he will run you over if you arnt because he is a freak athlete, his hands are like stone, and he has carr throwing to him, jordy, and bryant. gruden is the coach and that old school bastard is going to run the ball. because saying even if cooper is a WR3 he wont sniff half of… thats an astounding statement and i really cant believe it.

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Water bet KIrk vs Cooper? 1/2 PPR total points?


hell yeah ill take that. :facepunch:

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I second the water bet and I am taking Cooper

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Can I get in on this waterbet too? I’ll take cooper side 100/100.

I would also take B. Cause B is getting the better players. In a vacuum, I agree with BusterD and others above that the long term prospects for A is better. But you can easily take the package of B and trade up for even better assets than what is in A. AJ green / Amari cooper are both easily the best two players in this deal.

I don’t know about Guice > Cook but Cook’s injuries are a concern and the delta between AJ/Amari and Diggs/Kirk is so far already that you can def do subsequent trades to make the EV of B more than A. And isn’t that the name the game in Dynasty? Make positive EV trades.

Team A wins this one handedly, IMO.

I’m with the Team A voters for all the reasons they already mentioned.