Which Team Has The Best Core?

Full PPR – 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX – which set do you prefer?

Team A:
QB - Jimmy Garoppolo, Josh Allen
RB - Dalvin Cook, Kerryon Johnson, Marlon Mack
WR - Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs
TE - OJ Howard, Vance McDonald

Team B:
QB - Russell Wilson, Josh Allen
RB - Saquon Barkley, Dalvin Cook, Marlon Mack
WR - Michael Thomas, Stefon Diggs, Mike Williams
TE - Jared Cook, Vance McDonald

Team C:
QB - Josh Allen, Dak Prescott
RB - David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones
WR - Michael Thomas, Stefon Diggs, Robert Woods
TE - Vance McDonald, Mark Andrews

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Man I’d say they are all pretty close, I would lean team B or C though. Having the 1.01 with good talent around him is great and The RB depth of team C is enticing. I don’t know if the better WR on team A are enough to beat out the better RBs in B and C, because I like the receiving core on all the teams. I would almost go Team C if I had to chose, I don’t like Mack as much in PPR and Williams takes ta slight hit there as well. All great squads though I could be argued either way.

Does your opinion change if it’s dynasty?

I would rank them C,B,A but I do like all of these teams.

Dynasty I would go B / C / A personally.

I would want team B from those options

B > C > A for me.

Team B its tough choice… Dak will throw more C is good too

Team C. Being able to start 3 pass catching backs is definitely an advantage. QB values are about the same to me. I think Dak is gonna have a really good year. The Dallas containment defense is gonna keep Dak in the field a lot. Team B has a little better TE depth but it doesn’t make up the difference I think the value of Team C’s RBs over Team B’s. But it’s very close. Give me Team C.

Honestly, all of them are pretty balanced close to me so you’re splitting hairs.

Probably prefer team C by a hair.

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