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Which team is better


I know it’s trivial right now but me and my buddy argue daily over who has the better team. So, for fun, I want to get a public opinion on these teams. Skill positions only:

Team 1:
QB: Palmer (streaming)
RB: Gordon
RB: Hunt
WR: Jordy
WR: Green
TE: Kelce
FLEX: Hyde
Bench: Martin, Jacquizz, T.Coleman, Crowder, Parker

Team 2:
QB: Winston
RB: Murray
RB: Zeke
WR: Julio
WR: Baldwin
TE: Eifert
FLEX: Watkins
Bench: Ingram, R.Kelley, Britt, Gio Bernard, Woodhead


Like you said it’s really hard to tell atm but I’d say team 1 is going to be better but that’s just my opinion


Team 1 looks to have a slight advantage, IMO.


8 team league? I like number 2.


I prefer team 2’s starters and team 1’s bench.


it’s 10 team but its a start up league with highschool friends who are mostly either casual or have never played before lol… so me and the other guy kinda raped the draft… he got Zeke in the 3rd round when we drafted (week 2 preseason)… so he lucked into his line up… imagine it without zeke for more than half the season.


i say team 1 for skill positions… Kelce TE and Hyde flex… plus Martin when he is back, and Parker… which I have and love for WR depth.
Both pretty good squads though, id be happy with either


And Hunt who looks like the biggest super star after week 1… who i plugged in by accident when Bucs/Dolphins game postponed… now I must win week 11 lol