Which team wins these trades?

Team A:
WR: Adams, Golladay, Thielen, K Allen, McLaurin, Slayton, Cooks, Miller, Campbell
TE: Henry, Hockenson
RB: Chubb, Montgomery, Gurley, Henderson, McKinnon
QB: Brady, Minshew, Mayfield

Team B:
WR: Godwin, Woods, Chark, Gallup, Gage
TE: Andrews, Gesicki
RB: Kamara, CEH, Sanders, J Robinson, Kelley, RJII, Hines, Freeman
QB: J Allen, Newton, Tannehill

Trade 1:
A Gives: K Allen, Hockenson
B Gives: Gesicki, CEH

Trade 2:
A Gives: K Allen, H Henry, McKinnon
B Gives: Tannehill, Andrews, J Robinson

Which team wins which trade?

Team B wins Trade 1. Team A gives up a startable asset for several possible spot starts. Plus, Team A will have to dump pieces to make room.

Trade 2 seems much more balanced, I’d give the edge to Team A because I like the upgrade at TE (I’m not fading on Andrews yet).

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Thanks for the input!

Changed trade 1 offer