Which team won this dynasty trade?

This trade recently went down in a dynasty league I commish, just wondering what people think of the trade
10 team 1/2 ppr scoring, start 1qb,2rb,2wr,1te,2flex,1supflex

Team 1- trades Kamara, Breida and 2.02
Team 2- trades Chubb, Cooks, Ross and 1.05

Thoughts? Who won this trade?

from a clear value perspective and not knowing the teams you all have.

team 1 got way more value and had more value without even having the 1.05 included

that being said trades are worth more to teams based on needs so… take it as you may

Lots of people will give up a lot to get Kamara in dynasty

I think team 2

Depends on team needs. Breida had a real low value now imo. So its cooks, chubb and 1.05 for kamara amd 2.02.

Cooks side won this trade

Breida and ross are even.

Team 1 won this deal to me. If Hunt were to move on after this season, Half Chubb becomes Full Chubb again

I’d lean towards team 2 but it seems like a good trade for both teams honestly