Which TEs would you use?

I currently have OJ Howard and TJ Hockenson, but Darren Waller is on waivers. Would you drop Howard or Hockenson to pick up Waller.

I also have Mike Evans and Godwin as receivers. Not sure if this makes a difference.

drop howard, you’ll never be starting 3 bucs i’d imagine. Waller has a huge share of that offense

I was leaning that way as well. Just worried about Hockenson being a rookie and thinking that Howard could possibly have a break out season (even though it is not looking like it as long as Winston is QB).

yeah, rookie TEs rarely break out, but I think with all the receiving options in Tampa it will be hard for OJ to have consistent games for you

I love OJ before the season started. I have him on 3 of 5 teams. But after 2 awful weeks, it’s definitely time to question his value. I’ve felt for years that the Coach & QB have more to do with TE success than the TE’s skill set. It might be that the new coaches in TB just won’t use OJ in a way that makes him valuable.

I have OJ and TJ on my main team too. If Waller was on Waivers, I’d drop OJ in a heartbeat to add Waller.