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Which to keep?


Non PPR.

Allen Robinson


Mike Gillislee

Both players would cost me my last pick in the draft.

My keepers already are: OBJ and Jordan Howard and I have the 1.09 pick.


Probably take Gillislee. The hype is there but I am always nervous taking a Belicheck RB. He truly does hate your fantasy team.


Think I’d go Gillislee in a non-ppr league. Ceiling could be pretty high.


At least you can’t go wrong with those options but I’d say Gillislee. Watching Bortles is going to be horrifying all year and I always want a piece of NE.

I’ve got a keeper question involving Gillislee if you don’t mind weighing in?


I’ll go against the tradition here and pick Robinson.

Yes, his QB is a walking dumpster fire, but Robinson will stay on the field and be a focal point for the passing game. Gill is having problems being on the field at the moment if you believe the injury reports and is already splitting carries and snaps with too many RBs.