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Which top 5 player is likely to bust this year?


Looking back over the top 10 consensus fantasy players in each position year to year I’ve noticed that roughly 50% don’t hit their projections due to various reasons (e.g., injury, no idea!, etc.). Looking at this year’s consensus top 4-5 in each position, who do you think is the most likely bust? Case in point: Zeke had a phenomenal year last year but is he due for a ‘sophomore slump’? Todd Gurley certainly experienced that. Alternatively Is time catching up with Julio Jones or AJ Green? Could one or both under perform this year? Would love to get your thoughts on this. Thanks!


By nature of being top 5 we don’t expect any of them to be busts but I would bet on Bell due to largest chance of injury. Oldest of the running backs and has had knee injury issues in the past.

Baring injury Zeke. To your point above chance of a sophmore slump. DJ is being also a pass catcher I feel makes him less likely to experience the slump and the others in the top 5 have proven they can do it more than once.


yeah its bell for me too. i honestly wont even touch him unless he somehow falls super hard to me. there are so many guys that can be taken around him that can put up the same kind of production, that dont have the off the field issues, and injuries. plus, its honestly just a gut thing for me. i can feel it, he is going to get hurt and it feels pretty early for me. i honestly hope im wrong. anyway, with it not being injury related or off the field related… again, shit i have to agree. zeke. and i love zeke too. i dont think he will, but he has the biggest chance just because of that sophmore slump. really its a damn strong top 5 this year. because all in all i talk a big game about bell droppin and what not and thats the only way i would take him, but even still if im sittin at pick 3 and he is there, its hard to say no to that up side potential.