Which top DEF matchup to play next week?

I have MIN (vs. AZ at home) and HOU (vs. BUF at home). basically the two best matchups possible. which one should i play? i’m leaning Houston because Buffalo literally has no offensive weapons on the field at all. I get points for 3 and outs and 4th down stops, too. what do you guys think? both teams are charged up and coming off of important victories, too.

Houston also is less likely to get an enormous early lead than Minnesota is, probably, which may leave less garbage time for Buffalo to rack up any sort of offensive stat line.

Both fine plays. I’d just wait for point totals to be released and pick whoever has lowered implied points. Will likely be buffalo.

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@falcones404…like an idiot I dropped Cle this past week and grabbed Den, cuz they looked good against the Jets. Guess we all saw what happened there!!! SMH

I should have held on to CLE. They’re really kicking butt this year. Just praying I’ll be able to get them back. Of course…their ROS schedule doesn’t look as promising…BUT…thinking it’s still one of the best choices out there right now!!!

Cleveland is the best DEF in the NFL imo. In fantasy, might be just behind jags/chicago but definitely in real life. Now with Baker at helm, it’s a real team. That D is criminally underrated. Doesn’t make too many splash plays with return TDs but just outstanding fundamental football. Great vs run, great vs pass. They just get hurt by offensive/special teams turn overs.

thanks guys. and agree re: Cleveland’s defense being very legitimate. they can, and have fully proven, that they can hang with anybody. it’s impressive.

I know. As I mentioned…gonna try my dadgummdest to get them back. If I don’t it’s my own fault for letting them go in the first place!!! DAMMIT…why does FFB have to be so mind-boggling every turn??? LOLOL

EXACTLY…somebody just shoot me for letting them go!!! SMH

@llc Denver’s defense is completely legitimate with a few truly elite play makers and a long franchise history of defensive prowess, so wouldn’t be too hard on yourself for having made that choice. however, the way this season has been shaping up offensively across the league, Denver’s ROS schedule is seriously brutal. they still have to face the Rams, Chiefs again, Steelers, Chargers twice, and Cinci. The only real ‘gimme’ they have remaining is @ Arizona in Week 7.

Thanks for the confidence booster buddy…and what you said here is true:

Just not sure I trust them ROS enough.

But thanks again my friend. LOL…makes me feel a little better/and not such the idiot knowing somebody agreed with me a little bit

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Denver D has raised some question marks. They just surrendered over 300 rushing yards to Crowell + Powell. Pretty insane.

They don’t have the secondary to go along with Miller/Chubb to make it the killer combo it was before. Guys can’t cover. This has been an issue since last year.

That plus the case keenum factor always hurts. It’s honestly sad, the one year Manning was good was basically the only year Denver has had a legit QB in like 20 years.

Imagine being a HoF QB and passing on a franchise QB for another edge rusher. Just crazy. Could’ve easily made the move jets made to take a QB.


EXACTLY @MikeMeUpp!!!
CLE…here I come!!! (just hope I can get them back!!!)

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