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Which Trade Do I Go With?


Trade 1

I give: Chris Thompson & Jason Witten
I get: Gronk

Trade 2

I give: Chris Thompson, Jason Witten & Carlos Hyde
I get: Joe Mixon and Gronk

I know Gronk is injury prone but I’m a little more nervous about Hyde. I think the Bengals get it together and contend down the road and give Mixon the rock. Don’t think Hyde and the Niners will be.


If it were me I would go with the second. Mixon seems to have a lower floor than Hyde because there are two other bodies in Cincy rather than just one in Hyde, but if they do finally commit to Mixon I think his ceiling is much higher


If it’s a redraft league, I’d go with the first one if anyone would take it. That’s a great deal. The Hyde for Mixon is “eh” because both of their situations could change drastically in either direction. Hyde could be hurt and out and Mixon could be either the workhorse or the bench pony. If it’s a keeper or dynasty, then I think the second one makes sense.