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Which Trade Do I Take?


I’m thinking of offering the following trades. Which might be possible and which might be worth it?

TRADE 1: Tyrell Williams + Tevin Coleman for Michael Thomas

TRADE 2: Isaiah Crowell + Jacquizz Rogers for Devonta Freeman

TRADE 3: Tevin Coleman + Jacquizz Rogers for Dalvin Cook.

I have:
RB – DeMarco Murray, Crowell, Abdullah, Cohen, T Coleman, J Rodgers
WR – OBJ, Keenan Allen, Marvin Jones, Tyrell Williams, Kendall Wright, JJ Nelson


I don’t think you’d get any of those offered accepted.


Id agree, I wouldnt personally take any of those


Agreed, I don’t think any of them would fly.


I am going to agree with everyone that nobody would accept these trades. But, let me say that you could try Crowell + Williams for Cook. I’m still not sure if this would get accepted though.