Which two do I play?

M. Jones @ Chi
DJ Moore @ GB
S Watkins @ Ten
R Woods @ Pit

My WR 1 is Julio
And I am playing Hockenson in TE (over Gesicki)

Currently have Jones and Moore in my lineup.

With the breaking news that Stafford is out, I’m looking to pivot away from Jones in a couple of my leagues. Hopefully Hock will be a safety valve for Jeff Driskell. I’m flexing Woods and Drake in one league over Jones and trying to pick between Jones, Boyd and Deebo in another. To answer your question, DJ and Watkins would be my leaning.

Thanks for the update on Stafford…too bad for the guy…played in 136 consecutive games.

I am going with Watkins now that Stafford is out. I do not trust Woods and Goff on the road in Pittsburgh.

With Dalton and Stafford out, I would play Deebo (at home). Also Seattle is not strong against WR in FF.

Agreed re: Deebo … need two … Boyd (w/ FInely) or Jones (w Driskell) or do I try and get cute with McKissic as a safety valve for Driskell?

Now that Stafford is out I have pivoted from all Lions. Chicago is tough against WR. Not sure about McKissic. Tough call…I would go with Boyd

That is where I have it too … thanks!

cool, glad to help