Which week 14 Defense?

Titans or Saints defense for this week??

bumpity bump bump

Saints have been hot lately! If you look at the last 4 or 5 games they have been double digits every week. They always have that chance of getting in a shoot out especially more than the Titans but i would probably go with them

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I picked up titans 2 weeks ago for playoffs but actually thinking about giants def against Sanchez. The matchup just seems juicy against a 3rd string qb. Saints and chargers are also available.

I was thinking the same. The offense with Senior’ Butt Fumble at the helm is anemic at best. The Giants aren’t even remotely good on defense but Sanchez is just getting warmed up. A multi pick game with a sack fumble sprinkled in here or there, seems likely.

I also like the Chargers at home with a Greenless, Daltonless, Driskell led Bengals. They could feast in this matchup.

Is BUF available??? Apparently DEN isn’t.