Which wide receiver to bench?

12 team standard
Demaryius Thomas
Robert woods

how many WR slots? ide roll tate parker green if 3 or tate green if 2. do not trust DT with any of those QB’s they favors sanders.

3 but they are using my flex as well

I agree with @hanson493 about not trusting DT. I’ve got both Sanders and Woods and at least for the moment am opting to start Woods over Sanders this week. Cincy is pretty tough against the pass vs Min. My personal dilemma is whether to start Ju Ju vs Ten over Woods.

I don’t disagree with you, but it’s funny that the Sanders owners were bellyaching that Osweiler only looks at DT and not at Sanders. Actually, that’s kind of how it was before, but last week Sanders was getting peppered with good targets all night.

Yeah…it WAS that way with OS in the past, but I think because of DT’s injury prone status these past few weeks that’s not the case any longer. I think that’s probably where @hanson493’s comments were coming from. And for the record…I’m one of those Sanders owners, but Cincy just really worries me this week, so not sure I’m even starting him this week. I’ve also got Thielen, Woods, Ju Ju and Anderson (BYE)

Sanders is definitely still involved with osweiler but I still like the red zone looks to DT got his first 2 touchdowns of the year with osweiler

Tate, Parker, Green. I think Woods comes down to earth this week and I am not confident in anything DEN now.