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Which wide receivers to choose from week 14 waivers?


The following screenshots are the wide receivers available in waivers. I have David Funchess vs Vikings. Panthers struggle against Saints… I’m not sure if I want to risk playing Funchess when Rhodes will all over him.

Kearse from Jets vs Broncos looks like a good pick. So does Kenny Stills vs Patriots. I do have devante Parker but he hasn’t done shit for me.

I really need help. I also have C.Kupp vs Eagles in my bench … I’m using Josh Dotcson vs Chargers as flex… Josh Gordon managed to get 85 yards vs Chargers.

My main WR is Thielen vs Panthers. He should have a good game coming up. 12 team league half point standard .


Good options on Waivers. I think Wallace has had a TD in the last three-four games. I would say woods if you want a stash. But my vote would be Lee or Kearse… Maybe shepard


I would play the matchups as well.


I think I like Lee the best out of that group, but doesn’t he play against the Seahawks next week? Woods would also be a good one.

I’ve also got Parker and he hasn’t done a thing. I had my eye on Marquise Goodwin, but now may have to fish for a TE to replace Gronk.


Literally same issue @ukridge… dropping Parker to scrounge the waivers for a shitty TE


I’d probably go with Lee on how he’s been targeted. If fournette/running game isn’t working he should have a decent floor


Less facing the Seahawks defense who stopped the eagles offense.


Our playoffs are weeks 15 and 16 so I have one more regular season game, but I’ve already locked up no worse than the 2nd seed so I’ve decided Gronk can keep his suspended butt in my lineup. I’m not dropping a potentially valuable piece for a one-week throwaway tight end.

That said, if I was going to pick one up, I think Brate would be the guy. I disagreed last week with people fading him. He’s Winston’s guy and I think he’ll have a good game again.