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Which WR combo?


Keenan Allen and TY Hilton or
Stephon Diggs and Amari Cooper…
Which duo would you prefer going forward from today… Luck is aiming for a week 6 return… if he returns and is fine I think I lean that direction… but there’s the risk this keeps dragging out… thoughts?


I would prefer Allen and hilton . Brissette is doing a good temp job . Cooper has the droppseys and not good.


Would you Trade Melvin Gordon and Chris Carson for Allen/Hilton in half PPR? I just got the offer this morning… my other RBs are Hunt, Howard, and TY Mont with Martin and Henry as depth sooo I don’t need to worry about losing 2 Rbs lol


I’d agree with @gary_gravlin and would take allen & hilton. Cooper scares me and I think as long as Bradford is out Diggs is good at home but I’d be concerned on the road.


Well I’ll ask you the same question then… would you Trade Gordon and Chris Carson for Allen and Hilton in half ppr?

My other RBs are Hunt, TyMont, Howard, Martin, Henry but My only WRs are DT, Pryor, Snead (been gutted with injuries)


Definitely then if that’s your WR core.