Which WR do I start? Woods, John Brown, or Nelson Agholor?

1/2 PPR…I want to start Woods, but will the Cleveland D get after Goff too much causing him to not make connections with Woods?

I am starting Josh Allen so the stack with John Brown is inticing.

Nelson Agholor should get more targets with Alshon and DJax out.

Tough call, I’m on similar boat in a couple leagues. I’m really enticed to play John brown, I’m thinking he will be getting targets. Bengals haven’t let up a ton of points to wr on average, but Seahawks only tossed it 20 times week one and Jimmy upped it a little more, but Josh has been throwing 30 plus both weeks, with 28% of the targets going to John brown.

And agholor should see similar volume to what he saw last week, maybe slightly higher and going against a a defense to me that is similar to Bengals from fantasy perspective. Seahawks skew numbers down since they don’t pass heavy.