Which WR for A Gibson?

Looking to swap 1 for 1 or potential Gibson and R Anderson for a WR.

Gibson hasn’t been amazing, but I think other league owners know his worth and could get a decent WR in return.

Name a few you think is fair value.


It’s almost impossible to suggest a WR trade target.

Sounds like you want WR depth or 2-for-1 to get a better WR. Find a team in your league that is deep at WR and shallow at RB. Start from there.

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I’m not expecting anyone to know my leaguemates needs. Just simple wanting to get opinions on similar value.

Value varies from league to league. That’s why is so hard to answer this question.

And even if I was able to provide the “perfect” value, it doesn’t matter unless that team is a possible trade candidate.

To answer your question, I think you could get Woods, Lockett, McLaurin, Moore, OBJ at the high end and Jeudy, Fuller, John Brown, Gage at the low end.