Which WR is better ROS?

John Brown or Kenny Golladay? I have seen better performance out of John brown and I like his schedule. Its a standard league.


Even though he hasn’t had fantasy performances like Brown?

It is close. They are both solid WR2s. Is there a reason you need to pick one over the other?

I currently have J.jones J.Schuster and k.Golladay on my roster. I’ve held onto Golladay to play during each of my starting WR’s Biweeks. I was contemplating dropping Golladay to stream J.Brown this week.

That’s a close one, I have both myself and have been leaning towards Golladay, but Brown has had some great games.

Somehow, you should get both of these guys on your roster. There’s gotta be another piece you can drop for brown.

This is my current roster

not really anyone I can drop

bro you need to trade some RBs…you wont play half of them the remainder of the season

Part of my thought process is to stash in case of injury/ I don’t want my opponents to have them.