Which WR should I pick up on waivers?

I have AB, Thielen + Kupp right now and need a 4th. Here are the guys on waiver…

Michael Crabtree
Kenny Stills
Antonio Callaway (already put in a bid for him)
Keelan Cole
Ryan Grant
Mohamed Sanu

@MikeMeUpp you have convinced me with Callaway, but anyone else here I should also bid for?

Grant isn’t a bad one as the #2. He has no ceiling but his floor is pretty solid in a passing heavy offense. 6-8 targets a week for about 60-80 yards. You can do worse for a WR4/flex play.

Cole hast the highest ceiling out of the rest.

Sanu is also a fine play. Much to everyone’s shock and awe at ridley, Sanu still leads him in snaps.

Fade Stills, You don’t want to deal with that guessing game.

I like either stills or Keenan Cole. I like the upside of Cole better, but stills is safe. Cole will probably be a good start this week against the chiefs.

I literally laughed out loud.

Could you take a look at my recent post? I need some help and no one has responded yet, and i see that you are very actice.

Do you have a link?

Sorry, it’s just that he has been proven to have wr2 weeks a good amount of weeks

Considering I already have 3 pretty solid starters, do you think Cole would be a good option to go for?

Funnily enough, he has been added 1000 and dropped 8000+ … something to be worried about? Why are more people dropping him?

That added dropped counter is like looking at the share price after it has gone up and down. 2 steps too late.

Assuming you can get callaway, Cole is a good stash. I honestly do like grant though. If this offense gets going, Luck can definitely produce 2-3 relevant WRs and I think grant is much better than chester rogers, despite last game.

It comes down to me buying luck rather than buying blake bortles.

Interesting here, Callaway’s waiver date is Friday for me while Cole’s is today (Thursday).

Shall I hold on Cole to see if I can grab Callaway? Hope that if I can’t, Cole is still available? Or just grab Cole now?

Yeah that’s fine. You can go ahead and pick up cole first and then put in a waiver for callaway. Might as well grab someone.

I’ll run out of a roster spot then if I’ve already taken Cole, I’ll have to drop someone else.

I have Vance McDonald / Cameron Brate as my TEs (could drop one of them)
I have Coleman / Drake / Lewis as my RBs (could also drop any one of them, probably Drake unless he performs this week).

I lean Cole. This is going to be a track meet in KC, and Cole will continue to produce in JAX offense as a higher ceiling Flex.

No i mean just pick up cole for now, and then set the waiver wire bid for callaway dropping cole so that if for some reason you lose the callaway bid, you’ll still have cole.

I also don’t think you need 2 TEs. Just pick one of the 2. Maybe brate cause winston loves him so much but season long, i’d rather have vance.

Ahh right, I see what you’re saying now.

And yeah I only have 2 TEs currently because I had OJ Howard last week and wanted to pick up Brate, but needed a TE for this week so I got Vance. I’ll have to decide if I want Vance / Brate next week, but I’m leaning Brate for now.

Oh you have howard? Drop Brate. Howard is the long term guy. He’s better than Brate in every facet of the game. Don’t roster 3 TEs, that’s a waste of roster space.

Acquire Cole + Callaway.

I HAD Howard, dropped him because I saw Vance and Brate on the wire, so for this week I needed to roster a TE to play.

I have Vance for this week, Brate for ROS is my plan. I guess after this week I could always drop Vance and stash Howard until he’s healthy again, but I needed someone for this week.

Still drop brate. WHy hold a TE on a bye week. Makes no sense. Brate is not a ROS play. Howard is back in 1-3 weeks after bye. I own Howard. When howard is there, he is way better than brate.

Really? I was owning Howard across bye week because with Winston back, I figured he would be a ROS play