Which WR should I play

Made it to semi finals in one of my leagues. I have to fill my WR and flex spots from 5 WR on roster. Which 3 would you go with?

DJ Moore vs TB
Gallup vs WFT
St. Brown vs ATL
Kirk vs IND
AJ Brown vs SF (assuming he plays)

I also have Thielen but I’m assuming he won’t be healthy


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St. Brown IF Goff is the QB.

Kirk if Goff is out. IND is way softer in pass game than run game.


Full PPR I’m assuming? Here’s my order assuming all are playing:

St. Brown (If Goff, else switch with Gallup)

Obviously there are some players with moving points to consider, but that would be my order. I really like Gallup and it kills me putting DJM at the bottom, but I’m not sure they get there this week. I could see the reason to flip Gallup / St. Brown regardless but I’d lean into the hot hand assuming Goff plays.


Thanks for the advice, and yes this is full PPR, forgot to add that in

I agree 100% with this guy.