Which WR to start as my 2?

Need some help deciding on who to gamble on for my 2nd spot. Thanks for the help clan!

WR1 - M Thomas
WR2 - Ridley, Brown, Miller, D Moore

DJ Moore. He’s starting to get a lot more opportunities and he’s playing against the Bucs horrid defense.

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Its David Moore from the Seahawks…sorry for the confusion

Oooooooh that makes a big difference. I would go with David Moore still though or Ridley for chance of a big game.

David Moore.

Wilson is really starting to key in on him for big plays.
They also play SF.

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If Truby is playing, I’d play Miller. They have a clear rapport growing and a pretty safe floor together.

Trubisky looks to be out again this week

Then I’d lean Moore. Wouldn’t consider Brown. Moore and Ridley are both boom/bust players but I think Moore is more likely to boom.

I agree, Moore would be my number one choice

At the same time Ridley’s floor is definitely higher than Moore’s. But Moore’s matchup is much more ideal.

Ok cool thanks for input everyone

Yeah, I have to agree with @wcockerill about Truby very possibly not playing:

“Trubisky took part in a portion of individual drills, primarily focused on footwork, but he didn’t make any throws”

I’m thinking that CHI is so close to locking it up that they’re prob not gonna take extra chances with their new GOLDMINE!!!

I mean…obviously MIN could take this thing easily, but…CHI has the better ROS I think.