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Which WR to start?


So since Ajayi isn’t playing this week I have to do some shuffling and need to pick one guy to start. My options are Brandon Marshall @ DAL, Corey Coleman @ PIT or Jordan Matthews vs Jets. I’m leaning Marshall as it’s game 1 and he’s a veteran and OBJ is hurt (although likely to play) but Coleman might end up a stud this year. Who would you start?


Tough one. I Agree with the Marshall start. Cleveland might be running the ball all game against PIT and I wouldn’t start a Bill till you know what they bring to the table.


Honestly, I would lean towards Coleman. Although Marshall is proven, he’s the best weapon if OBJ doesn’t play, but Coleman is the guy in Cleveland. He’s the young stud WR and everyone knows it. The Giants/Dallas game can be a shoot out and tough for Marshall to be a viable fantasy option this week compared to a game that may very well be a blow out. Even if the Steelers are going to run up the score on the Browns, that’s great news for Coleman. They’ll pass a lot, especially if theyre down quick. Go Coleman.