Which WR would you rather have ROS?

I have Tyrell Williams, Terry McLaurin, and Alshon Jeffery on my bench…Dorsett is sitting on waivers. Would you try to grab Dorsett and who would you replace?

To me Dorsett is the hardest to predict week to week. I would never feel very safe playing him. One week he goes out and gets 20+ the next week he gets 5 points. I personally like the consistency of Williams and Jeffrey, and I think McLaurin is more consistent and has a higher upside than Dorsett.

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that makes sense…thank you! with Jeffery’s injury history it is making me nervous to roster him going forward (guess i should have taken that into consideration when i drafted him haha)

I’d stick w what you have

Agree with the others, Dorsett is too hit and miss.